We here at The Denver Piano Company are constantly purchasing new pianos to refurbish here in our shop. There are some pianos that we are able to take in, and others we are not unfortunately. Please read through our criteria, and fill out the message field below!

There are a few brands outside those listed that we we may have an interested in so if you don’t see your piano listed above, don’t hesitate to send us a message to see if we are interested. We will be in touch to request photos and to schedule a viewing appointment.

There are countless manufacturers out there,
and we specialize in refurbishing the following:

-Young Chang

Unfortunately we are not able to accept the following pianos:
– Antique Upright Pianos (ie Fullsize Uprights / Upright Grands)
– Spinet Pianos
– Scroll Player Pianos
– Square Grand Pianos