Piano Humidity Control

Humidity control for your piano is very important!


“Proper humidity control is one of the best investments you could make in preserving and protecting your piano.”

A constant stable humidity level is a piano’s best friend!

Changes in humidity can cause a large array of problematic issues in a piano.
Wooden keys can swell and become sluggish, components in the action can become lose, piano tuning pins can lose grip in pinblocks, and worst of all, soundboards can crack!

The best way to avoid these issues is to prevent them from even starting.
That’s why our friends over at Dampp-Chaser developed the Piano Life Saver System.

Piano Life Saver System

The Piano Life Saver System continuously monitors the humidity level of the air inside your piano using a sophisticated electronic Humidistat which is located very close to the soundboard. When the Humidistat senses that the humidity level is too low, it activates the Humidifier. When it senses that the level is too high, it activates the Dehumidifier.

In extreme climates such as ours here in northern Colorado, this system can be crucial in the longevity of your piano.

Our skilled piano technicians offer installations of these systems in both pianos sold from our shop, and pianos already in clients homes.

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