Our Mission and Philosophy for Quality Products and Services

Our Philosophy in serving clients and customers.


Our Philosophy for serving Colorado clients.

Our goal at the Denver Piano Company is to provide our clients with the highest quality refurbished pianos possible. Our skilled piano technicians leave no screw unturned, and no adjustment overlooked. We will always stand behind the pianos that we sell, and be there to offer any services that they may need.

In my years working for other piano stores, I was presented with the opportunity of working on some very high end pianos. Others…weren’t so high end. I am very grateful that I now have the opportunity to bring in only the pianos that I WANT to work on.

I strive to find pianos that have either been well taken care of, or have the greatest potential for being brought back to their best playing condition. Pianos that I feel comfortable, and proud to attach our five year warranty to.