Professional Team of Piano Expert Technicians

Here's our team of piano technicians.

Aaron Firpo

Business Owner

I first entered the piano business the summer after my senior year of high school. I was given a job by Rick Vokt at Pianos New & Used in Colorado Springs, and really came to love the industry.
I worked with Rick for five years at his shop. He gave me the base of my knowledge in restoration, refurbishing, moving, and tuning.

I then traveled to San Diego to work with Paul Robinson at his shop The Acme Piano Company. This shop focused mainly on Steinway and Mason & Hamlin restorations. Working with Paul gave me the opportunity to really hone my skills in fine restoration and tuning. Working with these shops has given me a base of knowledge that I am eternally grateful for.

This shop means the world to me, and my goal is to strive to provide the best pianos and service possible to the most important part our business, our clients.

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Andrey Botyarov

Piano Tuner, Technician

Andrey has been involved in the music industry since birth. The son of prominent Russian composer Evgeniy Botyarov, Andrey grew up playing piano, and attended piano conservatory as a young adult. Having spent most of his life in the world of the instrument. Andrey has been tuning for our shop and our clients since 2013. A great tuner, and a great friend. We are thrilled to be working with him.

Ryan Ellison

Piano Tuner, Technician

Utilizing old-world craftsmanship and technique to meet the demands of modern musicians, Ryan K. Ellison offers a renewed perspective within the musical instrument repair community. As a life-long musician turned repair technician, Ryan is able to find harmony between the function and musical demands of an instrument.

Ryan K. Ellison earned a Bachelor of Music in Double Bass Performance from The University of Northern Colorado. He attended the Chicago School for Piano Technology and is an Associate Member of the Piano Technician’s Guild. Prior to launching his own musical instrument repair business, Ryan spent five years working in and managing musical instrument repair shops in Colorado and Illinois.