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New and Refurbished Used Pianos for Sale

Here you can find our selection of upright and grand pianos. Everything listed here has been hand selected, and undergone an extensive refurbishing process. We are happy to extend a 5 year parts and labor warranty on all of the pianos we sell out of our shop.

Only pianos found to be in respectable condition are brought into our shop for refurbishing. We strive to bring in pianos originally purchased in Denver whenever possible, and never take in pianos freshly moved from humid climates. Our goal is to have the nicest used pianos in Denver.

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Refurbishing used pianos to our standard is no easy task. Each piano usually gets about a weeks worth of attention to bring it to its full potential. We know of no other store in Denver who puts their used piano inventory through any sort of refurbishing process. When pianos have been played in home for years (as they typically are after purchase), they usually have the potential to be made to play as new again. Several adjustments must be made however to make the piano play properly. Aside from playability, more often than not there are years worth of dust and buildup under a pianos keys, in the cabinet, and on the pianos case. They need much more than just a tuning to be brought back to tip top shape. Here at the Denver Piano Company, that is our specialty. We completely disassemble each and every piano that comes through our door. Once disassembled, the piano is very thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Special attention is made to extract all the dust from under the pianos keys, and on all felt components of the piano. Once the interior of the piano has been made clean, we turn our attention to the pianos case. For wood finishes, we wash the piano very thoroughly with a wood soap, extracting years of dust/oil/other household buildup from the cabinet. Once the pianos cabinet cleaning is to our satisfactory, we rehydrate the case with a refinishing oil, bringing depth and sheen back to the finish. To accompany the pianos newly reconditioned finish, we polish all of the brass hardware on the piano from pedals to hinges. This makes the piano’s appearance really “pop” like new again.

Once we have the piano’s finish and overall ascetic up to scratch, we focus on the playability of the instrument.
Our technician goes over every key in the keyboard to make sure it falls on its own weight on the “balance rail” pins, and will elevate any unnecessary friction. The pianos “action” is then gone over screw by screw to make sure everything is torqued down correctly, and all pieces are moving freely. After we have determined that the components are all there, and in good shape, we begin our “regulation process”. This essentially is going over every key, and every hammer on the piano, and adjusting them to the proper specifications dictated by the manufacturer. We make sure every single key is at the correct height, and presses down to the correct measurement. We make sure every hammer is the appropriate distance from the strings, and adjust all the moving parts to “cycle” appropriately.

When we’re done with this process, the piano is twice the instrument it was when it came in.
In all honesty, even some of the best piano manufacturers in the business are not able to adjust the pianos components to the level we are able to in shop. At the end of the day, they are a factory, and it is their job to produce product, and get it shipped. It is our job to fine tune the instrument to its full potential.

You can rest easy that when purchasing an piano from our shop, you are getting a piano that is playing to its absolute full potential.